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When looking for calibration laboratory services, you want one state-of-the-art laboratory that can help you meet all your business requirements. That's just what alfanar Calibration Laboratory delivers.

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Laboratory Calibration

  • Our electrical and mechanical laboratories are environmentally controlled, ensuring the correct atmosphere for the precise measurements.
  • Calibrate almost many types of electrical or mechanical instrument (including all types of precision standards, gages and hand tools).
  • Our Laboratory's facility is accredited by the Saudi Accreditation Committee (SAC), the Gulf Accreditation Committee (GAC) and International Accreditation Service (IAS).
  • Our calibration services are in full compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 Standards.
  • Every equipment calibrated/recalibrated by alfanar Calibration Lab receives a certificate listing the calibration results and uncertainties.
  • Our trained engineers can: Calibrate and repair many types of equipment ranging from the simplest meter to the most complicated multifunction calibrator.


The electrical laboratory engages latest technology multi product calibrators those are capable of calibrating wide variety of instruments in-house and on-sit.


The temperature laboratory is capable to calibrate all kind of temperature related instruments. Electrical calibration is applied for temperature indicators


alfanar Calibration Lab’s pressure lab has the capability to calibrate up to 1400 bar as per the 17025 process. most complex multifunction calibrator


1 mg up to 1000 kg.Standard weights Concrete batching plants Asphalt batching plants Weighing scales & balance.

About Us

alfanar Calibration Laboratory is a well-equipped electrical, mechanical and electronic equipment calibration, repair and maintenance center to guarantee accurate test results.

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P.O. Box 86544, Riyadh 11632, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

T: +966 920 006 111 Service enquiries: 4299, 4295, 4296
Sales enquiries: +966 504943042; 564413353
F: + 966 11 494 5474